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  • Fri
    WorkshopParmatrth Niketan Ashram- Rishikesh

    Rebirth yourself  * Transcend the birth-death cycle * Take a shot at physical immortality

    At the RebirthingBreathwork workshop by Leonard Orr and his team

    A residential retreat at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh

    September 26, 27, 28, 2014

    Awesome benefits

    • one-on-one rebirthing sessions

    • Unravel your birth-death cycle

    • Learn to breathe in the Divine Energy

    • Cleanse away your post birth trauma and conditioning

    • Update your nervous and circulatory systems

    • Undergo spiritual purification practices

    • Defy the death urge with the Yoga of Aliveness


    Single occupancy a/c Rs 14,000/-, non-a/c Rs 12,000/-

    Per person on twin sharing a/c Rs 10,000/-, non-a/c Rs 8,000/-

    Inclusive of course fees, boarding, lodging, pick and drop from Haridwar railway station Pickup from Shatabdi, 25th September 11.30 am & drop to Shatabdi, 29th September 5.00 pm Click here to know more


  • Fri
    WorkshopCamp Himalayan, a resort on the bank of Teerthan river at kullu Himachal Pradesh

    Enjoy and heal near Kullu With Dr B K Chandrashekhar at Camp Himalayan, a resort on the bank of Teerthan river at 6000 ft. October 3-6, 2014 Takeaways

    1. Individual chakra and aura analysis
    2. Releasing geopathic stress
    3. Six self-healing practical sessions
    4. Mind and memory empowerment exercises
    5. Releasing emotional blockages

    Other activities

    • River crossing activity in River Teerthan
    • Trekking to high altitude waterfalls
    • A day trek to Chenni Kothi
    • A jungle trek to the Mother’s Riverfront
    • A day trek to the Great Himalayan National Park

    Know your facilitator Dr. BK Chandrashekhar is a Raj Yogi, International Memory Trainer, Motivational Speaker, a Guiness World Record Holder and Psycho Neurobics specialist. He has written more than 15 books on the topic of Mind, Memory and Soul. He has conducted more than 4,000 seminars across the world on techniques to improve memory, mental power, stress management, inner healing and Psycho Neurobic exercises.   Contribution: Single occupancyRs 13,000/- on twin sharing Rs 9,000/- (per person)   Inclusive of course fees, boarding, lodging, pickup & drop to the Volvo stand (Thelaut near AUT 28 km. befor kullu) & sight seeing Click here to know more