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April 2014

By Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhari

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri shares her own journey of healing that catapulted her from a corporate high flier, to a healer, facilitator and trainer


I was devastated and shocked when I received the news of being diagnosed with abnormal cells and a chronic hormonal condition that needed immediate surgery and medication. While I had a PhD in cancer research from Oxford University, I never expected a similar fate to have transpired in my body. As the news sunk in, I had a gut inner knowing that surgery was not for me, and there was another way. I just did not know what the other way was.

A year later my mother gifted me a book titled The Journey written by Brandon Bays. It spoke of the process of cellular healing, and how one could heal oneself. Ironically, the disease had made me vulnerable, and I refused to accept any outside help exactly at the point when I needed it most. Within that period, my father passed away, and I became very devastated emotionally, and finally had the courage, desire as well as humility to read the book that my mother had gifted me.

Healing from within

As I read the book and started to explore the field of alternative therapy, I began to understand how repressed emotions, limiting thoughts and unresolved past events may have led to the abnormal cells and the shutdown of my reproductive system. This understanding motivated me to use all the process work that I was learning on myself. The abnormal cells literally flowed out of my body, and my reproductive system reset to its proper functioning self. The doctors and nurses were astounded, and I was now living proof of healing with alternative methods without the need for drugs or surgery.

At the same time as being diagnosed with abnormal cells, I was also suffering from chronic daily migraines and debilitating pain in my shoulders and back. I was on shock therapy and a cocktail of medications to narcotise the pain. It was at this time that I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and used them to clear the migraines and get rid of pain completely.

Although EFT is widely acclaimed with thousands of testimonials and accolades, most people are not aware of the more advanced forms of EFT, which can allow for instantaneous healing. Matrix Reimprinting with EFT, is an example of a powerful advancement of EFT. I used Matrix Reimprinting to clear shock from past traumas, overcome hay
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Dr Choudry What a great article and I relate to it. I Where to begin as he has left me total penniless. Thanks

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