Treat yourself to a serving of Karma Kurry

By Jamuna Rangachari

Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul by Jeroninio Almeida, Jyoti Nanda,  Publisher : Jaico & Co, 2014, Price : INR 250, Pages : 280


In today’s world, we find heroes in cricketers, movie stars, and other celebrities, trying to emulate their actions, aspiring to meet them and be like them someday. How often do we really think of the real heroes? Do we give much thought to the good deeds that they have been performing over the years, without craving for any sort of publicity or attention? This is what Karma Kurry aims to.

‘Karma Kurry’ traces the lives of several real life heroes who have taken significant steps for the benefit of society. For instance, it writes about Sailesh Mishra, who performs the duty of a responsible son to several homeless elders, whose children and family have shunned them, and Subhasini Mistry, who fought poverty, and established a hospital with the sole aim to help the poor who suffer due to negligent treatment as they do not have the luxury of wealth.

What is interesting that, even after their achievement, they still lead the same humble life that they have been living since years, grounded, and believing that their job is only half done.

Jeroninio Almeida and Jyoti Nanda integrate the stories of these brave-hearts, who were unfazed by initial failures, and kept striving hard to achieve their goals. The hard work of these heroes paid rich dividends as they finally reached their destinations, providing solution and help to several households and society at large.

In the book, we read about people of many backgrounds and professions, who could have followed any path they wish to. Along with them, there are also inspiring tales of people below the poverty line who defied the boundaries imposed by money and faced all obstacles courageously to accomplish their goals to make a mark on the society in a way that would affect several lives.

One thing that they have in common is a deep desire to make a difference which is why there are part of  Karma Kurry.

Each story is an inspiration. It made me think “If they can, why can’t I?”. And guess what ? I have company in none other than the late Nelson Mandela who says in the foreword of the book “ [These stories] have that power to inspire people to rise and act, to make a difference. “

Pick up this book to read all about the heroism that still exists in the world. Pick it up to get inspired like I did. Pick it up to understand the truism of the saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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